Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where to?

"After living there [Hanoi, Vietnam], you can live anywhere," my friend chuckled after I recounted my mishaps of life in the tropics.  Well...yes.  Concluding our conversation, I considered what she had said.  Anywhere?  Yes, that sounds like a lovely place to live but how do I get there?

So I have found myself entrenched in the task of figuring out how to relocate to Anywhere.  After dedicating serious time to reading the plethora of "Best Cities" lists online, I grew hopefully as it can only improve from the grey grit that is Detroit.  Like fond memories of a first love, nothing can replace my soft affection for the mitten.  But first love dies hard and my parents have since expanded their views of close to home as being within the continental United States.  More research has seduced Richard Florida’s “Who’s Your City? : How the Creative Economy is Making Where to Live the Most Important Decision of your Life” to my bedside reading table.  I am curious what the current experts have to say on this matter.  But can’t I simply give the globe a spin, close my eyes, and place my finger on an unassuming place? 

“Wherever I end up” seems like a fine place to reside.  I think I've discovered my paradise.

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